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Best Pre-Wedding Photography Sydney - SYDPHOTOS CLASSIC

SYDPHOTOS has been established in Sydney, Australia for 17 years. It is the first formal company in Sydney to start professional photography and has established formal and professional pre-wedding photography in the wedding industry. For the past 17 years, we have insisted on using only clients' photos to show our other clients. What we see is the quality of photos that our clients will get, and we never use specially shot samples.

The staff of SYDPHOTOS, wedding makeup artists, photographers, and videographers are all selected and precipitated at the highest level in the industry, and only after training can they officially begin to provide services to clients. Never use Freelance, which cannot guarantee quality and stability. The charging price is transparent and reasonable, aiming at the highest service standard and the high quality of constantly challenging ourselves.

SYDPHOTOS's service process is rigorous, efficient, and one-to-one customized service. The independently developed customer booking management system can effectively provide exclusive services for clients. SYDPHOTOS independent cloud server (CLOUD SERVER) makes clients feel at home no matter where in the world.

The Largest Sydney Wedding Shop

SYDPHOTOS Wedding Shop is located between Sydney Airport and CBD, the largest Sydney wedding shop with 370 square meters, a professional studio, providing high-end Sydney wedding dresses, photos, Professional wedding makeup, and hair design, Wedding Videography, Sydney wedding planning one-stop service, family photos, baby photos, Sydney Passport photos, LinkedIn Career Photos, as well as various commercial activities shooting, planning and so on.

Sydney wedding photo locations

After 17years of accumulation and exploration in Sydney, Australia, SYDPHOTOS recommends the most popular 29 Sydney classic wedding photo shooting locations for couples to choose from and customizes various niche shooting locations that couples like, and the service highlights individual customization throughout the process.

FAQ: SYDPHOTOS Sydney Wedding Photography Service

  • How to book Sydney wedding photography services?

    First, a SYDPHOTOS staff member will create a consultation ID for you. All subsequent related service information will be stored in your consultation ID to truly realize one-to-one customer service experience.

    The staff will provide you with information on popular wedding photo shooting locations in Sydney. You can choose a suitable pre-wedding photography package according to the number of locations you want to shoot, discuss and decide the date you want to shoot, and then the staff will check the schedule to confirm.

    After confirming a photography package, request pay 50% of the total service price as a deposit (the balance should be paid off after confirming all the shooting details on a fitting day), and then the staff will arrange a photographer and makeup artist to confirm the shooting date on the reservation day and arrange a wedding dresses and suits fitting date and time(usually within a week before the shoot).

  • How to choose a wedding dress?

    Usually, arrange an appointment one week before the shooting to come to the store to fit on wedding dresses and suits. The staff will recommend suitable wedding dresses and suits according to the shooting location chosen by you until a suitable wedding dress and suit is selected. At the same time, it will also be matched with other high heels, leather shoes, bow ties or ties, etc.


    The staff of SYDPHOTOS will notify the customer the day before the shooting to remind the customer when they will start makeup in the store the next day. All the dresses selected previously will also be prepared the day before. However, if the weather is bad the next day, the staff will negotiate with the customer to reschedule to a suitable time in the near future before shooting.

  • How soon can I get the photos after shooting?

    After the shooting, the photographer needs to use professional software to adjust the light and color of all the taken photos. This process takes about 2 weeks. After the original photos are processed, the staff will provide customer with SYDPHOTOS CLOUD download link, and customer can download high-definition original photos remotely and at high speed. At the same time, the download link will also provide a retouching form. Customer can select the photos they want to do retouching according to the number of retouching photos amount in their purchased package and send them back to

  • FAQ: Service Process | Sydney Pre-Wedding Photography

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